About Dan


  • Bachelor’s of Science Electrical Engineering, US Naval Academy
  • Masters (Equiv) Nuclear Engineering, Navy Nuclear Power School
  • Masters of Business Administration,  University of Phoenix


  • Served in the US Navy aboard submarines.  I’ve served on every active attack submarine class while I was in the Navy.
    • USS Gato (SSN-615) [Permit Class]
    • USS Sturgeon (SSN-637) [Sturgeon Class]
    • USS Bluefish (SSN-675) [Sturgeon Class]
    • USS Annapolis (SSN-760) [Los Angeles Class, Improved]
    • Chemical Industry:  Designed and built chemical handling systems for both raw materials and finished goods.
    • Worked in the Semiconductor industry for the world’s largest maker of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Applied Materials.  (our customers are Intel, AMD, TSMC, Analog Devices, National Semiconductor etc.) The equipment we make is used to make the chips that go into all of the devices that we enjoy like TV’s iPod’s and such


    • Wife & 5 active, healthy kids consume the majority of my time.
    • Active in our local church, Saint Frances Cabrini.

    Hobbies -These are some of the things I enjoy doing…

    • I love hiking and camping.  Actively support the Boy Scouts.
    • Soccer.  Mostly watching; two of my daughters are on traveling teams.
    • Mountain Biking.
    • Amateur Radio  (W6LSN, Extra class license, highest in US)
    • Just about anything having to do with Electronics or Computers.
    • Cooking Pizza, including making my own dough.

    I’ve repaired all sorts of electrical appliances & electronic devices:

    Washing machines, Dryers, Dishwashers, Garbage disposals, Furnaces, Toaster ovens… VCR’s, DVD players, computers, hard drives, televisions, monitors, printers, car radios, car stereo’s, transmitters, antennas, amplifiers, electronic toys, tape decks, turntables, telephones, cell phones.

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