I mentioned earlier that I’ll put any datahseets that I download for one of my repairs or one of my construction projects on here. As I add datasheets to the site, I’ll try to remember to add them to this index.  You can always find them by using the search bar and searching for “datasheet”.  If you see that I have one that isn’t indexed here, shoot me a quick note with the part number that is here but not indexed and I’ll get it updated. I’ve been looking for an application that would dynamically keep track of and index the datasheets that I could integrate into the site, but have found nothing yet.

My process is to add the part to the site and then add it to an excel spreadsheet. I then export the spreadsheet as a table that I insert here.

Title N – P Type hfe pTot Ic Vceo Description
2N2222 N BJT 50 – 300 0.5 0.8 40 GP
2N2907 P BJT GP
2N3904 N BJT 50 – 300 0.6 0.2 40 GP
2SK3523 N FET 3 21 - Power
TPC8107 P FET - Power
LM3916 IC Lin - Display Driver
LM3524 IC Lin - Pulse Width Modulator
OPT101 IC Lin 36 photodiode & transimpedance amplifier
OPT301 IC Lin 18 photodiode & transimpedance amplifier
IRFZ44 N FET 50+ 48 60 Power

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