LCD Monitor Repair

LCD Monitor repair

Another great book by Jestine Yong. I highly recommend it if you have a good understanding of electronics. If not, I recommend that you start with one of his his other books, “Testing Electronic Components.” I recommend the other book first simply because you will need some lcdsmallbasic fundamentals before jumping into the repair of ANY electronic item including a monitor, LCD or otherwise. That being said, if you have an aptitude or a “knack” for electronics, this book does provide enough of the basics that you might be able to successfully repair a monitor after carefully reading this book. Realistically, though, you need some experience or at least a more in-depth understanding of electronics to be successful. An easy way to get that understanding is through his other book, testing electronic components. One of the more useful features of the book is all of the photographs. This is one of the reasons that you might be successful with just it, the tools and some patience.

A well organized book, LCD Monitor Repair starts with a solid overview of how an LCD monitor works and what the major circuit subsections are within a monitor. After going through the major circuit sections, their names, purpose and basic functions he spends a chapter discussing the different types of test equipment and whether it’s required or optional. What I mean by optional is that it is not essential to a successful outcome, but it will lead to a faster diagnosis. In the next chapter he goes through some “secrets” to opening up the case of an LCD monitor, including how to make a tool for easier, damage free case opening. Next he walks you through the basics of components that you’ll find in an LCD monitor and how to identify and test them.

After discussing the various components and how to troubleshoot them he next goes through various problems that you are likely to see in a monitor and how to diagnose and repair them. Next he goes through recurring or more common problems for some common monitors by brand and model. In summary, he takes you through problems by both failed part and symptoms.

Lastly he provides a list of resources that you will find useful as far as finding schematic diagrams, both free and for purchase. He identifies sources to purchase the various major modules that you will need to repair your monitor and websites that are useful and specific to repairing monitors. This is a great book, jam-packed with information and highly recommended.

Others have the same or even more enthusiastic responses. Phillip Pellet says, “This book has been invaluable to me… strongly recommend anyone thinking of buying ANY of your ebooks to do so without delay.” Similarly, Austin Johnson effuses: “I am very pleased with the quality and easy to understand instructions and pictures, very good material.”

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